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If you struggle with low self estem, lack of energy, low sex drive, depression, weigh gain, moodiness, and even thinner hair this might be the result of low testosterone? So how do you improve it? The best way is simply to eat better food that naturally will boost testosterone.

You need to maintain a healthy diet plan with protein, fats and carbohydrates. With that in mind we’ll talk about what foods these are.

Fish like tuna and salmon are great. Graz Medical University found that vitamin D increases testosterone by 90% which is a lot in tuna. Now don’t over do it, eat it maybe once or twice a week.

The other superfood for testosterone is oysters for they contain a lot of zinc which aids sperm health greatly. And if you have any problems with your johnsson not often being in the mood when you are (you know what I mean). Then eating oysters will definitely help you out. Oysters have more zinc than any other food out there. If you lack zink you’ll deffently strugle with your sexual health as a male. 

The next food is a fruit. Homogranit. There’s been a lot of studies on this fruit just to show how an amazing fruit it is. It not only increases your testosterone, but it also increases your mood and lowers your blood pressure. So it’s really good for your hearth and also for some of you who experience a lot of stress.

Eggs. Now there’s a lot of you guys that like to workout and like to throw away a lot of the egg yolk. That’s a big mistake. Because that’s the part of the egg that will do you best in regards to helping you with increasing your testosterone. It’s also highly nutritious and great for building muscles. You might say that if I eat a lot of egg yolk it’ll increase my chirsisole. Well new studies have shown just how important egg yolk really is. You can easily eat 3 eggs a day without it having any effect on your cholesterol.

Now.. Beef. Now I know this might be a trigger for those who don’t like to eat beef. But Let me just give you the facts. Beef boost testosterone and liver for example is a big source of vitamin B and that synergizes well within the body with zinc.

Next up is honey! Yes! Believe it or not. Honey has a mineral called  buron and that increases your testosterone. It helps to open up your blood vessels. So please guys, instead of using unhealthy sugars. Use honey instead. But also remember that it’s still sugar and so don’t over do it.

Here’s another fruit. Grapes! This one actually increases your testosterone and will make your sperms more active. 

And that’s it! Those are the natural superfoods that will increase your testosterone. Stick to these for a few months and of course reduce your intake of unhealthy foods and you’ll most definitely see an increase in testosterone and stop feeling slushinsh and all the negative side effects of having low testosterone.

The Best Penis Enlargement Medicine 2022 (Rated By Women)

Epi is commonly known as Mao. And you Have to be cautious if you have any liver Problems, but it Improves ed. It kind of helps and actually works with The Saw Palm metal to shrink the prostate and studies show increased sperm counts. So if you notice All of these seven that I’ve listed are on my list, and if you haven’t gotten my list yet Me erectile function [email protected] So I can Get you my list, but I have a list of the top 15 Or my go-to herbs On different.

Gentlemen when I’m treating them for erectile function and testosterone issues and we can prostate and all of that. So the, the, the product, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, I think I’ve mentioned it already is VigRX plus. When I went to the website for the first time, this was asked to me, can you see VigRX plus? And I was like, ah, I’m not really convinced, but now I feel comfortable and confident. Giving, giving you guys is this recommendation because I use it in my own practice and I’ve seen the results of it, the only thing. And so I always talk about pros and cons, right? So the only thing that I totally don’t really vibe with about it is I don’t like that it’s red, you know, like it, it’s got this red coloring on it, but I tell my patients, I was like, look, it’s, it works for us.

It’s so well, so what I want you to do is actually just dissolve off the top, right? So they, they, they kind of dissolve it. They put it in a little bit of water and we haven’t had any issues because, for me, I’m all about not using red dyes. So for me, that was a big catch. The other thing that I, that I wasn’t crazy about is I wasn’t crazy about their marketing, but honestly, when you look at the content, the SA Palm metal, the Damian, the Trius, the Ginko, the Warren proma, the Korean gen sing the Epimedium. And then the bunch of other stuff that they have in there, the ingredients are what really counts. And so for me, treating erectile function isn’t about getting you from the moment, right? It’s not about, oh, okay, now I have erectile function. I’ve got some nitric oxide available and all that.

It really is about long term results. And what I’ve been able to see with this product or some long term results. So if you want my list, please email me erectile function. [email protected] put in the subject line that you want the cheat sheet so that I can send it over. And I’ve got a great shopping list for you so that you can actually shop and snack on foods that we know increase desire, increase testosterone, can improve blood flow, all of those things that we need and keep these amazing questions coming, this good energy. I hope this is helpful. And I’m gonna leave some links below so you can use my link. Of course, since I’m talking about this, I do get a small little commission for every time that you buy it. If you decide to do that. But that only makes sense, right?

I can’t promote a product. You guys wanted a product, you wanted a specific recommendation, so I’ve given it to you. And I think the best part about it is not only do they do clinical studies on this product I’ve done some pro some studies in my own practice and it actually has amazing results. So I hope this helps you guys out have an amazing day, right? And, let’s keep this erectile function movement going. It’s not about erectile dysfunction. It’s all about erectile function. So similar to your questions, and I’m happy to answer them. All right. I’ll see you guys later. Oh, like this article, share this article.

The Best Sex Pills For Men Sold In Stores In 2022

Tribulous has become important. And I think it’s Cool because a lot Of These supplements that we’re talking about also improve overall health. The Product that I’m talking about that I’m gonna share with you is actually one that I put one of my diabetic patients on. It is just an example. He couldn’t get an erection anymore. He was 45. Couldn’t get an erection. His sugars were outta control, but between Tight blood control and him being on the supplement for about 60 days, it all changed. His girlfriend came in Town And I got this text at two o’clock in The morning. And he is like, doc, it worked, His big thing is he didn’t wanna Be on CI and Viagra. And for him It was more about cost. He was like, this stuff costs too much. I don’t wanna have to keep buying it and buying it. So we found something that helps. So Ginkgo Belova is also in this Product. Now The thing to keep in mind About Ginkgo is that if you’re on blood thinners, you cannot take it all right. But the coolest part About it is day all The way back to, to like 2,900 BC in China, they were using this to Boost sexual energy and improve Blood flow, which is on our List, right? And of course You guys know, I believe very strongly and more POEM and not only just for men, but also for women, we put people on this to kind of help regulate hormones. Studies Actually show that even an Older Gentlemen, that they have major outcomes and results.

 When it comes to MAANA, it’s also called potency wood just to kind of give you a glimpse of it. And it comes from Brazil. It comes from the rainforest of Brazil. So this product actually has this in it too. Korean ginseng mean, you know, you Can’t find a, a pill At the, at the drug store at the gas station or anything that talks about sexual enhancement without putting some ging in it. But I think one thing people don’t realize about Ging and particularly Korean panics ging Is that it also Improves dopamine levels. Dopamine and passion Go hand in hand. So you have not only an improved Desire, but improved blood flow. And I find that this actually is helpful For a lot of my guys who have PE.

The Best Enhancement Pills For Men 2022

So medications for psychological disorders, anxiety. And if it’s taken with certain things like St John’s war or melatonin, it can cause what’s called hypomanic symptoms. So where you’re, um, potentially in a detrimental fashion, really too awake and energetic and doing things that are out of character for you. So you have to take this carefully. Max one is max performer and max performer has the same exact statement on its website as, as direction, which is, which is exactly that the FDA hasn’t reviewed or condos any of the statements, and this is not intended to cure, prevent, or diagnose any sort of disease. So again, it’s done for liability, but it points out that the FDA is not regulating this. So this supplement has three main active ingredients. So it includes Maca root powder, which we talked about. It also includes horny goat wheat. And lastly it includes Korean red ging or Panax ging.

And this is also thought to increase the production of nitric oxide. And interestingly it’s been studied pretty reasonably well, and they only looked at a small number of patients. And in all these studies, they really focused on healthy men with erectile dysfunction. So this may not apply to people who have other morbidities. And in this study they looked at 90 men and they found that it was 60% effective. So of those who it was effective for, they had an increase in penile rigidity, girth, the duration of their erection and libido and overall satisfaction. So could it be effective, potentially it’s been studied, but there are some really significant side effects here. The number one and most common side effect is insomnia. You have to be really careful when taking this with any sort of stimulus. So caffeine, Sudafed, things like that, because it can actually speed up your heart rate pretty quickly.

You also have to be careful when you’re taking it, if you have any sort of immunosuppressive condition. So if you have lupus transplant, if you have diabetes, this can be contraindicated in people with those conditions as well. The next supplement is a via and we’ve already discussed all the main active ingredients in this particular supplement. And they include the medium or horny goat weed Hico Belova POME granite, a G sing root extract. And the last supplement we’re gonna discuss is big RX. Interestingly, this particular supplement has undergone an actual clinical trial. And so there is one paper which goes over this exact formulation and tries it against men who are taking a placebo medication. So what they did in this particular trial was funded by an Indian pharmaceutical company called basic life sciences, and they took 76 men and they randomized them to take either two tablets of big RX or take a placebo.

And what they found was they found improvement in five distinct domains. These included erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, and overall satisfaction. So they, the nice part about this particular medication or supplement is that it’s been studied in a systematic way and published in the biomedical literature further where this particular supplement is endorsed by a physician who I could actually find in Google. His name is Dr. Steven Lamb, and he is the director of the men’s health clinic at New York university school of medicine. So I think that there is some validity to this supplement. It’s been studied in this exact formulation and it’s being sold presumably in the exact formulation that it was studied. And so if you’re gonna try one, this may be a reasonable one. They also didn’t find any really significant side effects in this study. But again, they only looked at normal, healthy men.

So you do need to talk to your doctor if you have other comorbidities or other medical problems, so they can see if this is safe for you to, but what I do think is important is that men’s health and the ability to have normal erections is super important. And seeing your doctor can be very helpful. So please don’t delay. If you’re nervous or concerned, this is something we do day in and day out, and we’re happy to help you. So please go see a doctor. If you have erectile DYS, we can help you. If you’ve taken one of these pills, please comment below because I’m curious to know what your experience was, always remember to take care of yourself because you are worth it.

I Did THIS And It Removed My Skepticism Of Male Enhancement Pills 2022

Like many of you guys, I was really skeptical before I had taken male enhancement pills and to be honest, I thought they were complete BS and that they were gonna work now. Max max performer was the first enhancement pill that I actually got noticeable results with and it’s actually a supplement that I will probably keep taking in the future. I actually still have several packs,off camera that like this one’s actually still pretty much full. I got a lot of this stuff that I’m still gonna be taking in the future,because I, I, I really like it. And it’s, it’s very unique now as the name implies, what this pill actually does, is it increases,it essentially just makes,a lot of the different aspects that,that you desire during sex a lot better. Now, what do I mean by that?

What you’re gonna notice with max performer, first of all, is you’re gonna have an increased sex. That’s pretty much standard with any male enhancement pill, but it is worth mentioning. The second thing that you’re gonna notice with male max performers is that you will probably have better control over your orgasms, much like with other male enhancement pills, max performers will increase your control over your orgasm. Now I’m not gonna, like, I know how,that’s achieved, but that’s what I personally experienced. The other things that I’ve noticed were also similar to male, extra , slightly more intense orgasms. I haven’t really noticed any,semen gains like semen load,ball, whatever you wanna call it games with max performer, however,intensity wise of, or of like , orgasm strength max performer is the go-to in my opinion. I don’t even know how to put it into words.

It just kind of makes you, for me, it almost made my penis more sensitive. It’s kind of what I would say. Like, but it would, it’s weird though, because like I said, I also find I have more control over my orgasms while taking this stuff. So I mean, it doesn’t really make sense as I say that out loud, but yeah, it’s kind of weird. but yeah, this is a great supplement. If you’re looking for something like a, I guess you’d call it like a sex pill. If you’re looking for a sex pill, max performer,is just a great overall sexual health supplement,seeing some very good results with this one. The last pill that I’m gonna be talking about here is,via cell. Now you can’t tell by the name they’re clearly trying to rip off by here or at least I asse. and essentially what it is, it’s a natural Viagra. And the reason why I put this one here on the list is if you’re not looking to go with a prescription,erectile dysfunction medication, this is a natural supplement that is supposed to do the same thing. And the reason why I like this one versus something like max performer for example, is because you don’t have to take this every day. They say that you can on the website. but I personally wouldn’t recommend it because you only get 10 pills per bottle. I would just recommend taking it before sex. And to be honest guys, the only results that I’ve personally noticed taking VI is the erection quality. Like the erection benefits. I’ve not actually noticed anything to do with more intense orgasms, nothing to do with anything else.

Literally, the only thing I’ve noticed with VI is that it’s just way easier to get a bone while taking it, that’s really it. and honestly, I can’t say I recommend VI as much as something like Bluetooth, not even close, like for the price Bluetooth’s way cheaper. And it’s an actual erectile dysfunction medication. whereas Vi’s more expensive and it’s just natural ingredients that kind of do the same thing, but not close to be honest with you. Like it definitely works, but it it’s, it’s not something that I would take while I like, for example, if I was drunk right now and I wanted to have sex, I would be taking a blue chew. I would not be taking advice. So I would not try and rely on this. I would definitely just go with what I know works, which is blue chew. So yeah, that’s about it.