I Did THIS And It Removed My Skepticism Of Male Enhancement Pills 2022

Like many of you guys, I was really skeptical before I had taken male enhancement pills and to be honest, I thought they were complete BS and that they were gonna work now. Max max performer was the first enhancement pill that I actually got noticeable results with and it’s actually a supplement that I will probably keep taking in the future. I actually still have several packs,off camera that like this one’s actually still pretty much full. I got a lot of this stuff that I’m still gonna be taking in the future,because I, I, I really like it. And it’s, it’s very unique now as the name implies, what this pill actually does, is it increases,it essentially just makes,a lot of the different aspects that,that you desire during sex a lot better. Now, what do I mean by that?

What you’re gonna notice with max performer, first of all, is you’re gonna have an increased sex. That’s pretty much standard with any male enhancement pill, but it is worth mentioning. The second thing that you’re gonna notice with male max performers is that you will probably have better control over your orgasms, much like with other male enhancement pills, max performers will increase your control over your orgasm. Now I’m not gonna, like, I know how,that’s achieved, but that’s what I personally experienced. The other things that I’ve noticed were also similar to male, extra , slightly more intense orgasms. I haven’t really noticed any,semen gains like semen load,ball, whatever you wanna call it games with max performer, however,intensity wise of, or of like , orgasm strength max performer is the go-to in my opinion. I don’t even know how to put it into words.

It just kind of makes you, for me, it almost made my penis more sensitive. It’s kind of what I would say. Like, but it would, it’s weird though, because like I said, I also find I have more control over my orgasms while taking this stuff. So I mean, it doesn’t really make sense as I say that out loud, but yeah, it’s kind of weird. but yeah, this is a great supplement. If you’re looking for something like a, I guess you’d call it like a sex pill. If you’re looking for a sex pill, max performer,is just a great overall sexual health supplement,seeing some very good results with this one. The last pill that I’m gonna be talking about here is,via cell. Now you can’t tell by the name they’re clearly trying to rip off by here or at least I asse. and essentially what it is, it’s a natural Viagra. And the reason why I put this one here on the list is if you’re not looking to go with a prescription,erectile dysfunction medication, this is a natural supplement that is supposed to do the same thing. And the reason why I like this one versus something like max performer for example, is because you don’t have to take this every day. They say that you can on the website. but I personally wouldn’t recommend it because you only get 10 pills per bottle. I would just recommend taking it before sex. And to be honest guys, the only results that I’ve personally noticed taking VI is the erection quality. Like the erection benefits. I’ve not actually noticed anything to do with more intense orgasms, nothing to do with anything else.

Literally, the only thing I’ve noticed with VI is that it’s just way easier to get a bone while taking it, that’s really it. and honestly, I can’t say I recommend VI as much as something like Bluetooth, not even close, like for the price Bluetooth’s way cheaper. And it’s an actual erectile dysfunction medication. whereas Vi’s more expensive and it’s just natural ingredients that kind of do the same thing, but not close to be honest with you. Like it definitely works, but it it’s, it’s not something that I would take while I like, for example, if I was drunk right now and I wanted to have sex, I would be taking a blue chew. I would not be taking advice. So I would not try and rely on this. I would definitely just go with what I know works, which is blue chew. So yeah, that’s about it.

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