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Our view from a dog's point of view

Our mission is to convert more people into pet lovers, and to help current pet lovers become even better lovers, because pets are not disposable.
It’s the ideal place for Animals Lovers; where Dogs can have their Voice and Pet Parents are their Translators- because they know how to Speak Dog! Shelter Pets are helped as well as a cause for our CCR network. The truth is, it’s fun too. What a great way to help Animals.
— Kathy Tarochione

PROBLEM:Overpopulation of Pets; Abandoned pets; Strays

SOLUTION: The Canine Community Reporters News is about much more than dogs and reporters. It's about saving our beloved pets, and enjoying them even more by "thinking like they think." Between 9 and 11 MILLION animals die every year in shelters (Humane Society of the United States estimates 3-4 million in their shelters alone) and only we - as pet owners -- can stop it. CCR is a social network for pet lovers with some fun stuff to buy (proceeds to save pets) and an opportunity to share what our dogs do & think.

The Canine Community Reporter is the marketing strategy used to bring an awareness to people that Pets are smart and have been teaching us how to act for years.  We just didn't know it.  With the news coming from the Dog's perspective it enlightens the reader to see the world thru the eyes of a beloved pet, which is quite different than a human's view.  We humans see pain, a dog sees comfort and compassion as an example.    With the help of dogs this awareness will bring an action which has been lacking for a long time.  That is to realize that "Dogs Are Family."  hey have been and will continue to contribute to the family.  But now it's time to listen to them by learning how to Speak Dog.

The goal is to bring awareness to Shelter dogs who are not homeless mutts, but once belonged to a family.  They want nothing more than to go home.  With the help of the Canine Community Reporters going to Shelters, rescue groups and local pet related business they can tell the story of what the "animals behind bars" are really thinking.  That is why a percentage of the proceeds goes to help the Shelters.  With a kill shelter it's even more critical to get them adopted.


Features & Benefits

  1.  The CCR Story- From Concept to Reality
  2. The Dog Team (The Humans behind the scenes)
  3. Meet the Canine Community Reporters with their bios
  4. The CCR NEWS: Stories/pics/videos submitted by our Canine Community Reporters that have been written from a Dog's perspective.  Follow us on Facebook too!
  5. Strategic Marketing Resources for Shelters, Pet Photographers and Pet Professionals
  6.  Canine Conversations:  Learn from Charlie Tarochione & his Mom, Kathy Tarochione with Lessons on Life, Canine Cooking, Rainbow Bridge and Product Reviews.  Some of these are done "Live" using Google Hangouts on Air and WebinarJam.  Some are videos that are accompanied with "How To Pictures" and suggested products to purchase. Follow Charlie on Facebook
  7. Just Ask Charlie:  Charlie Tarochione knows about being a Dog.  Having gone from Homeless to a Hero, he answers all the Pet submitted questions about life in general or how to handle problems with their Humans.
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  9. Finding additional news on our Canine Community Reporters news "Scoop It" site.
  10. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Business LinkedIn, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare.
  11. Take care of your Pet's with our "Pet Infographics"
  12. Help people with Pet's that passed cross over Rainbow Bridge
  13. How We Can Help- A place where people can write their story about their pet that passed and send letters to them at Rainbow Bridge
  14. "Attention Canine Shoppers!" Bring your pets and go shopping in "The Pet Mall" where a percentage of ALL proceeds from any store are donated to selected Animal Rescue Groups.
  15. Giving Back Program:  Marketing Plans that work to generate revenues and increase awareness for Shelters.
  16. How Smart is your Dog? Give them the Dog IQ Test.
  17. Lessons For Humans:  Pet Family Training by Dogs.
  18. Let's Hangout  A Google+ Hangout For Dogs
  19. Submit a Product for Review.
  20. The Canine Chefs where readers will share homemade recipes, videos and tips, tricks, dining, decor and more.   Like us on Facebook too.
  21. Learn what's happening in Hollywood Pet News from our Canine Community Comedy Reporter, Jake Bergman.
  22. We couldn't do it without our Partners (our Friends)
  23. Canine inspirations, jokes and motivating content throughout the website.

NOTES: Also, Mandie and NALA are both writing about Rainbow Bridge. Mandie is helping the pets cross over Rainbow Bridge and NALA is reporting about what's happening in Rainbow Bridge thru SCOUT. SCOUT is telling NALA the Stories and reporting how the passed pets are doing. Also will have Birthday Parties in Heaven, My Pet's Heaven for people to tell their story.

NALA has a hat with SCOUT on the top representing her as a Canine Community Reporter thru SCOUT

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